Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.
Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.


Alison Thorburn with Phoebe Rose and her winnings from the Golden Dragon Class at The Red Dragon festival of Endurance with her crew Janice Critchley and Kate Higginson



Welcome to the Dumfries branch of Scottish Endurance Riding Club (S.E.R.C) web site. Have a look around and get to know who we are, what we do and how to join us. We hold a full calendar of rides through out the year, ranging from "taster rides" to 80km competitive rides.
Our branch tries to accommodate something for everybody so don’t think it’s just the Arabians that are good at this!


We also have a varied range of ages for both horses and riders. All horses have to be 4 yrs or older, we have many horses well into their twenties and our youngest rider being only 6 yrs old (PC endurance) and we have many senior riders 60+ years of age. So as you can see we "DO" have something for everybody.


If you require further information about our branch and what we do, please feel free to
contact one of our committee or fill in the form on our "CONTACTS" PAGE. We aim to answer all quieries within 24 hours. All enquiries are welcomed.


             "TO COMPLETE IS TO WIN"



Updates and news on the next page........keep checking

Site last updated 11/01/18


Alison Thorburn taking heart rating
our 20th anniversary celebratory cake Tinwald 2016
Vicky Thorburn and Bowerwood Aquashan lochfoot 2016
Kate Higginson & Rae Turner Helping at lochfoot 2016
Natalie With Phoebe Rose lochfoot 2016
Cheryl & Julie Tinwald 15
what a view Carolyn Cummings Tinwald 2015
Natalie Edwards and Jib :)
Rachael Fothergill, Diane Warren & Chris Farrow. Tinwald 2015
Rosemary Mathew & Daughter Kirsten Miller. Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard getting ready
Audrey Taylor and Eric Tinwald 15
Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard Tinwald 15
Annie Walker & Carn of Carrick
Mary Stockdale. Ae Forest Halloween 15
Natalie Edwards and a Spooky Jib
Sue Chambers Tinwald 2015
Mary Stockdale & Ann Short. Ae Forest Halloween 2015
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