Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.
Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.

Branch News and Updates

Hi Everyone, As you are all aware this year is our 20th Anniversary Year!!!!!! Therefore we have on offer special 20th Anniversary T Shirts. Anybody who is interested in a T Shirt please can you contact Natalie Edwards (natcoates73@yahoo.co.uk) with sizes and quantities. Thanks!


Kate Higginson

Dumfries Branch AGM

Dumfries branch AGm will be held on the 7th of Feb 2016. it will be held at the queens Hotel Lockerbie. we are asking people to be ther for 4pm, food at 4.30 followed by guest speaker, followed by awards and trophys. food will be sandwiches chips and cake. the cost of the food will be £5 per head.


Please make sure all your trophy forms are filled in correctly and sent to our branch archivist Christine Farrow.


Please also make sure anybody who was awarded a trophy last year to have it engraved, polish it (or at least knock the dust off it !) and make sure you bring it back either on the night or before hand to one of the committee.


Dont Forget- Raffle prizes and pennies to buy them back again !


See you all there and good luck





23rd of August – Lochfoot





 We will be adding a taster route of 9k to our Lochfoot ride.This is our next branch ride



T-shirts, hoody’s, sweatshirts etc. Page has been updated please contact Natalie Edwards with your requirements, she can also personalise rugs, numnahs etc.

Dumfries Duo’s

We have added a new award –just for fun ! The Dumfries Duo’s award. Names were picked out of a hat (well, a bag really) and paired together to be Dumfries Duos. the winner will be the pair with the most kms at the end of the year.



Cheryl Rawson & Rachel Cringean

Julie O’Neil & Amanda Lister

Barbara Jordan & Sophie Bell

Kath Mcghee & Rachael Fothergill

Christine Farrow & Diane warren

Ian Biggs & Susan smith

Natalie Edwards & Vicky Thorburn

Greg Voss & Janice Johnstone

Penny Hudson & Penny Johnston

Rachel Bell & Sue Wardle

Janice Critchley & Jean Gilbert

Audrey Taylor & Alison Thorburn

Christine Thorburn & Sue Grout


Good luck everybody and enjoy !


8th of March – Penningham ride will now be 8th of March three lochs ride. (just a little further along the road ). Please support Annie in the west of our region with this lovely ride. Routes will be taster, pleasure and training. this ride will also be the first ride in Annie's "Galloway Challenge" award.


Unfortunatly due to the recent bad weather we have decided to postpone our Ae forest ride for safety reasons. the ground is still frozen and covered in thick ice.


Thank you to everybody who attended our Branch AGM on the 1st of Feb, And a massive well done to all who won trophys and awards. Thank you to Greg for stepping in and dishing out all our awards and rosettes .Lots of happy members taking home lots of goodies. Gives us all a good kick start to 2015.


SERC RO’s Social

What a fantastic kick start to our season, 28 people attended our social at the weekend. Lots of riding AND helping was talked about.we had an excellent chance to catch up together and plan our rides. 2015 season……Bring it on !

New Ride Calendar 2015

We have a new ride calendar for 2015. This will be uploaded to our calendar page asap. Some of the ride dates are still subject to change. Keep checking for updates.



Clocking up Km’s ? reckoning up which awards or trophies you are in for?

How about not only “doing your bit” but doing a bit extra to HELP.

Our Pingle roller coaster ride only just made it with minimum helpers. We have between 50/60 members and were struggling to find 10 helpers. We only confirmed numbers late Saturday night.


Contact Natalie- Our Moffat ride needs you.


HELPERS,  HELPERS, HELPERS………………………… Natalie is now our helpers co ordinator, please show Natalie and our branch your support by helping.




Sue Grout is now our newsletter editor. Please support sue and our branch by sending her lots of horsey articles to be included and don’t forget those SAE’s. Sue will let you know if you need to send some.mail@suegrout.org.uk

Natalie Edwards is now our Helpers Co ordinator.  Once again please support Natalie and our branch by helping at as many rides as you can. It makes all the difference to a ride. So don’t hassle Audrey ant more Hassle Natalie instead.natcoates73@yahoo.co.uk

Ride Calendar Dates                                       

Just to confirm our St Annes ride is on the 21st September

              Well Done ALL Dumfries members

Well done everybody who attended this years champs. It was great to see so many of our members there, camping and corralling and having a great time and not letting a bit of wind and rain spoil things.


Just some of the achievements at this years Champs.


Pat Ellithorn & Tish-Gold Final

Alison Thorburn & Phoebe Rose-Silver Final

Amanda Lister & Sparky-Bronze Final

Sophie Bell & Cairo-Bronze Final

Rachael Bell & Casanova-Bronze Final

Tracey Johnstone & Zig Zag Shah-Bronze Final

Kath McGhee & Foxghills Folly- 2 day 80km

Natalie Edwards & Jibran- three day pleasure ride medal

Vicky Thorburn & Bowerwood Aquashan- 3 day pleasure medal


A special well done to

Sophie & Cairo who won the Novice Horse award AND the Novice Rider award.

Sophie & Cairo, Amanda & Sparky, Tracey & Zigzag Shah

Together won the silver salver team award.


       Go Dumfries Go ! 

Scottish Championships

15th 16th 17th August

Please see our serc website for Details.


Many of our Dumfries branch members will be attending making this the ideal opportunity to put names to faces/ faces to names. We will be holding an informal social on Saturday evening so why not pop round to the “Dumfries camp” and say hello. Nibbles will be available, bring your own chair and your own drink. See you there

The results from Hadrians challenge 2014 are below.

Hadrians Challenge results 2014-Newcastleton
Hadrian Results 2014 (1).doc
Microsoft Word document [20.5 KB]


When EGB run their pleasure ride only events they do not issue vet sheets. They only issue them when run along with competitive rides. For this reason we have problems with SERC riders trying to claim mileage. For this reason we have now amended our own vet sheet for this purpose.  Can all SERC  Dumfries branch members use them for all EGB run pleasure / social rides.

social vet sheet first.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [189.7 KB]


New Helper Co-Ordinator

After Lochfoot- we will have a new helpers co-ordinator.

Natalie has kindly volunteered to take on this role. Please give Natalie (and your branch) your support by volunteering to help.




Rides still needing helpers this season

21st September - ST Annes

5th October-Laurieston

19th October-Pingle “roller coaster ride”

New ride added

2nd November – Moffat

New ride added

16th November – Calley woods

14th December – Earshaig “Tinsel ride”

change of venue for tinsel ride




Most of our members now use clubhouse to enter and pay for rides. Please, please could we remind ALL of you to go onto clubhouse and check your details are correct, INCLUDING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

It is now becoming the norm for members who have entered rides via clubhouse to approach admin at a ride and ask for several vet sheets for upcoming rides. Not just our members but also members from other branches. Our volunteers in admin on the day of a ride have plenty to cope with,without digging out vet sheets for everybody for future rides. This is also costing our branch, and whittling away branch funds -your money, (we have to pay for them from central).

So to be fair to everybody and look after your pennies we are no longer going to issue vet sheets for future rides. Riders can now collect their vet sheet on the morning of the ride from admin when handing in mileage cards and collecting bibs.

Please do not be offended if you are refused a vet sheet. We are looking after YOUR pennies.



Newcastleton 13th of July-


Hosting Hadrians Challenge 2014


Well done to our Dumfries branch team "hadrians challenge 2014" we came 3rd


Forestry Levy for AE Forest

AE Forest will hold a £2.40 forestry levy. Please remember to add it to your entry fee. if entering via club house please bring it to the ride and hand it to admin.

Conserving Branch Funds

We are always looking for ways to look after our pennies. One suggestion we have come up with to ask riders who already have lots and lots of rosettes, if they really want any more? Some riders opt not to take rosettes after every ride and hand them back, don’t worry we won’t be offended and this is one way to save branch funds.

Kershope forest Ride, Now Ae Forest Ride

Our Kershope ride on the 20th of April 2014 has had to be cancelled due to continuing forestry works in that area. Instead we will be holding Ae forest, same date 20th April.

You can email Audery,  audreytaylor50@btinternet.com  or landline 01461600635





The Galloway Challenge


The Galloway Challenge- we have a new and exciting challenge for 2014.


Annie Walker had kindly donated two trophys for the Galloway Challenge. This will cover Penningham, both days at Fleet and Cally woods.


The trophys will be decided on Km's, then total HR- so the speed doesnt come into it.


There will be one trophy for Pleasure & Training and one trophy for tasters.

Our Lochmaben ride date has been changed from the 18th of May to the 11th of may so it no longer clashes with Eildon

Please respect our SERC media policy when using social media sites. use email when ever possible.

Wee Rammerscales

Unfortunately our Wee Rammerscales ride had to be cancelled. An alternative route could not be put together with all permissions in time. Anybody who entered this ride will receive a full refund. Anybody who paid cash to Audrey can opt to either have the cash carried forward to the next ride or be given it back by hand. Sending cash through the post is always dodgy.


email Audrey to let her know your preference.



your email will be answered asap.

Welcome aboard to our two new committee members Natalie Edwards & Sue Grout, the rest of you can breath a sigh of relief someone else has volunteered.

SERC Training weekend


Serc members are invited to apply for a place on either the Saturday or the Sunday 15th & 16th of March at Gleneagle for the Club training weekend.

Full details can be found by logging into our clubhouse.

Click on Forthcoming Events, scroll down to Club training weekend.

Champs update


The SERC Championships Organising Committee announce that, due to the British Motocross Championships being held at Hume Castle on the same weekend as the Championships, therefore making the use of the northern routes impossible, the venue for the 2014 Championships (incorporating the Home International and Celtic Challenge Team competitions) will be relocated from Kelso racecourse to Town Yetholm. 

The dates for the Championships will remain unchanged (15-17 August). 



We have a new membership secretary





send all memberships to Karen

2014 season has started, send your memberships to Karen Little our new membership secretary or complete on line via clubhouse

Karen Little

22 McAllister Way

Kingholm Quay



Taken from the collection

‘it has to be horses’ by Sal.

I hope you like our “winter banner”. This is
one of our branch Christmas cards sent out to land owners and forestry commissions for granting permission to use their land for our rides.

These cards are available (your own designs too) by Sally Bell,btendurance@btopenworld.com

Competitive rates for SERC members.


Our new Dumfries branch FB page is up and running. When posting comments please be
aware of SERC’s communications policy re- social media web sites.


Below is a download of this document for you to read.


For permissions form (re photos) please log into our clubhouse and look under "document downloads" 

SERC Communications Policy
Microsoft Word document [80.2 KB]


Our Ride Secretary

Please remember our new ride secretary is Audrey Taylor.

Send all your ride entries and ride enquiries to Audrey.


Audrey Taylor

WallaceHall East




DG11 3HR



Will all riders make sure you add your rider ID & horse ID to your entry forms. a new ride entry form has been added to our forms page to download.

Just a quick update, we managed to raise £388 for Galloway mountain rescue with our Cally woods ride. well done to all who took part and well done to Annie for her hard work in orgainising this event

Alison Thorburn taking heart rating
our 20th anniversary celebratory cake Tinwald 2016
Vicky Thorburn and Bowerwood Aquashan lochfoot 2016
Kate Higginson & Rae Turner Helping at lochfoot 2016
Natalie With Phoebe Rose lochfoot 2016
Cheryl & Julie Tinwald 15
what a view Carolyn Cummings Tinwald 2015
Natalie Edwards and Jib :)
Rachael Fothergill, Diane Warren & Chris Farrow. Tinwald 2015
Rosemary Mathew & Daughter Kirsten Miller. Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard getting ready
Audrey Taylor and Eric Tinwald 15
Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard Tinwald 15
Annie Walker & Carn of Carrick
Mary Stockdale. Ae Forest Halloween 15
Natalie Edwards and a Spooky Jib
Sue Chambers Tinwald 2015
Mary Stockdale & Ann Short. Ae Forest Halloween 2015
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