Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.
Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.

Photo Gallery - Enjoy !


SERC have in place a communications policy. This is new to SERC and has been put in place for protection. I have added a link to this page for all to click on and
view. Once you have read it you will understand ALL PICTURES OF CHILDREN must have a parent consent form signed. For this reason all pictures of Children at
our rides have been removed.

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Lochfoot 2016

powfoot 2016

tinwald 20th birthday bash 2016

moffat 2016

prize giving & AGM 2016

Alison Thorburn taking heart rating
our 20th anniversary celebratory cake Tinwald 2016
Vicky Thorburn and Bowerwood Aquashan lochfoot 2016
Kate Higginson & Rae Turner Helping at lochfoot 2016
Natalie With Phoebe Rose lochfoot 2016
Cheryl & Julie Tinwald 15
what a view Carolyn Cummings Tinwald 2015
Natalie Edwards and Jib :)
Rachael Fothergill, Diane Warren & Chris Farrow. Tinwald 2015
Rosemary Mathew & Daughter Kirsten Miller. Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard getting ready
Audrey Taylor and Eric Tinwald 15
Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard Tinwald 15
Annie Walker & Carn of Carrick
Mary Stockdale. Ae Forest Halloween 15
Natalie Edwards and a Spooky Jib
Sue Chambers Tinwald 2015
Mary Stockdale & Ann Short. Ae Forest Halloween 2015
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