Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.
Dumfries branch of S.E.R.C.

“Build up your distance
first, the speed will always follow"

Types of rides & distances

TASTER RIDES - Starting at the begining we have our "Taster" Rides. These rides are distances of 8km upto 14.99km.These rides do what it says on the tin ! They give you a taste of what a pleasure ride is like, allowing you and your horse the experience of the venue, the vetting procedure and riding to speed. must be ridden between 8-11kph. no miieage is awarded for these rides, they are purely for introduction purposes.

PLEASURE RIDES - These are the next step up from tasters. once you have "had a go" try a pleasure ride. distances range from 15km - 29km. and must be ridden between 8kph - 11kph.


TRAINING RIDES - Once you are getting the hang of it, your horse is used to getting vetted and you are familiar with the procedure and cope easily with the distance and speed, then the next step up is a training ride. These rides are the same distance as pleasure rides, BUT your minimum speed is 9kph. These rides are the rides prior to your competitive career. Hence Training, refer to the rule book for more info on these rides.



Where it all happens, and you achieve your goals.

Riders can ride individually or with friends, the objective is to finish sound with a low heart rate, (48 beats per minute or less). the minimum speed for completion is 9km/hr. your final grading depends on your average speed and final heart rate. in rides of 50km or more there is a midway halt for rest, food and vet check.

The rule book is a must for this type of ride.



60km - 160km

All riders start together, the first to pass the finish post and sucessfully vet is the winner. There are timed halts during the ride for rest food and vet checks.

Refer to the rule book for further info.



please refer to the rule book

Helping at rides

Without helpers our rides could not go ahead. all members are required to help at at least one ride each season to be eligable for trophy and awards.


Helping not only benefits the smooth running of the ride but also gives a new member or someone interested in our sport an invaluable insight into what goes on.


Volunteering to help at our rides is open to members and non members. below is a useful helpers handbook for helpers to take a peek and see whats involved.



Helper’s handbook

Click on the link below and have a look at our helpers handbook

Helpers handbook
An easy reference book designed to help you carry out the tasks allocated when helping at rides.
Microsoft Word document [136.0 KB]




If you would like to volunteer to help at one of our rides please contact Kate, our Helpers co ordinator, you will be added to the ride helpers list and given a "Job" on the day. Don't worry you wont be given anything too challenging and there will always be somebody available to help. All helpers are greatly appreciated and as an incentive to members, we offer "helpers cards". Each time you help a £3.00 credit is added to your card. These "credits" can be accumulated and put towards entry fees. In addition we also give all helpers, (members and non members) a helpers rosette as a thank you.


Re introduced by popular demand-we also provide all helpers with a "helpers lunch", this is a small packed lunch and a drink.these are to be collected from our admin on the morning of the ride before you set off to do your task !




Helpers Co-ordinator


Christine Farrow


Alison Thorburn taking heart rating
our 20th anniversary celebratory cake Tinwald 2016
Vicky Thorburn and Bowerwood Aquashan lochfoot 2016
Kate Higginson & Rae Turner Helping at lochfoot 2016
Natalie With Phoebe Rose lochfoot 2016
Cheryl & Julie Tinwald 15
what a view Carolyn Cummings Tinwald 2015
Natalie Edwards and Jib :)
Rachael Fothergill, Diane Warren & Chris Farrow. Tinwald 2015
Rosemary Mathew & Daughter Kirsten Miller. Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard getting ready
Audrey Taylor and Eric Tinwald 15
Rachel Cringean & Anna Pritchard Tinwald 15
Annie Walker & Carn of Carrick
Mary Stockdale. Ae Forest Halloween 15
Natalie Edwards and a Spooky Jib
Sue Chambers Tinwald 2015
Mary Stockdale & Ann Short. Ae Forest Halloween 2015
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